Saturday, November 19, 2011

YVCA of Southern Arizona

Yesterday and today the e-tour joined the Youth Volunteer Corps of America's Southern Arizona group. Through educational workshops and some down and dirty desert clean up we explored the importance of Leave No Trace in the sensitive desert environment.

Along with staffers from all parts of the country and some dedicated, caring local youth this organization serves its community through a variety of means. Whether helping repair low income housing units, painting murals where venomous graffiti once reigned, or pitching in to collect litter their projects benefit all involved. During our visit the staff broadened their knowledge and practice of getting the messages of the Seven Principles into the hands, hearts and habits of the youth they serve.

Tucson Mountain Park and it's saguaro nation standing at attention proved itself a perfect location for learning and understanding the importance of enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

Be intentional, not conventional.
Mark and Tara

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