Thursday, December 1, 2011

Find or Host a Leave No Trace Training Opportunity

With over 300 million people expected to recreate on our public lands in 2012, remember that without Leave No Trace education, additional people could mean additional impacts — resulting in potential damage to natural resources. With that in mind, make it a New Years Resolution to attend or facilitating a Leave No Trace training in your area.

Leave No Trace courses function like a pyramid. Master Educator Courses are at the top of the pyramid and train people to become comprehensive Leave No Trace educators, or Master Educators. Master Educators, in turn, teach the second level, the Trainer Course, to people who become Leave No Trace Trainers. Trainers (or Master Educators) are then able to conduct our third level of training called Awareness Workshops, which are designed for the general public and promote Leave No Trace.

Once you have decided which course is right for you, the next step is finding one in your area:

  • Here, you’ll see information on how to find or host an Awareness Workshop.
  • If you’d like to enroll in a Trainer Course, or if you’re a Master Educator wishing to facilitate a Trainer Course, more information can be found here.
  • If a Master Educator Course is more up you alley, you can learn how to enroll in a course and find more details here:

Leave No Trace Skills and Ethics play an integral role in reducing our impacts on these beautiful and limited natural places we enjoy. By attending or facilitating Leave No Trace training, you are taking important steps toward ensuring the integrity and continued access to these precious resources.

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