Friday, December 2, 2011

The Situation

In the November eNews, we asked: What would you do?

The weather is perfect, the dirt is tacky and you've driven far up into the mountains and camped get an early start on an epic bike ride with your crew. After hearing the proposed route you use your smart phone to double check the planner's itinerary. You learn that due to recent user conflicts there is an 'advisory' on a section of the route that asks that bikers should ride on even days only. Today is an odd day. What do you do?

A few responses:

Spend the day checking the bikes, get a training ride in, explore the mountains and shred the trail even earlier the next day. Minimize impact. Also, it is advised. Try a different route.
-Summer Pearson

Determine if there is sufficient information to resolve the conflict by timing, walking the specific section, or a reroute around the conflicted section. If none of these are a solution, I would look for a new route in the general area.
-John Konyn

Let us know what you would do.

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