Monday, February 20, 2012

Outreach at Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA.  Today, Team East is going back to college!  That's right, we are visiting Georgia Institute of Technology- Georgia Tech- to work with the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORGT) on campus.  ORGT offers numerous programs throughout the year, from caving to backpacking, kayaking to rock climbing.  As one of the best outdoor programs in the country, ORGT is dedicated to educating their students about the skills and ethics of Leave No Trace.
Outdoor Recreation Programs, like ORGT, have an opportunity to be a positive influence in many university students' lives.  By incorporating leave no trace education into their already existing outdoor programs, ORGT can instill a strong outdoor ethic in their students and help build the cadre of life-long stewards of the land.
Tonight, Team East will be at the ORGT, located in the back of the Campus Recreation Center, for an awareness workshop to train their guides and staff.  The program begins at 6pm.  On Tuesday evening, we will offer a second workshop for anyone who is interested in learning about Leave No Trace and the outdoor programs at ORGT.  Come on down to the Campus Recreation Center at 6pm!

Respect the Resource...Kate and Tracy

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Cloudwalker said...

Wow, keep up the great work. I am on the board of the Kennesaw Mountain Trail Club and we are big supporters of LNT. We have two master traner's plus two trainers, myself included on our board. We have a lot of GT students who hike and work as volunteers at the national park.

Are you going to have any classes at the Marietta REI?(one of our partners)