Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Texas Trainers:

Pedernales Falls and McKinney Falls State Parks, Texas.

Team West of the Subaru / Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers have been adding to the faithful ranks of Trainers in the Lone Star State. Trainer Courses were held at Pedernales Falls State Park and McKinney Falls State Park last week. Our participants are heavily involved in serving the recreating public. City of Austin Park Rangers will be taking outdoor ethics to the green spaces and bike paths that keep that city outside and playing. Scouting leaders are returning to their troops and families with expanded tool kits to effectively plant the seed of stewardship with our younger generations. Camp Fire USA staff will have more activities to keep kids critically thinking outside, rather than plugged in inside. Folks at Texas Outdoor Family will have the chance to instill the ideas of the Seven Leave No Trace Principles to those who may be just forming their own outdoor ethic. Tara and Mark have truly enjoyed facilitating these courses that will allow all of the participants to share the idea of responsible recreation with those they care about, and those they have not yet met.

A special thanks to Nick Hirsch and Lindsey Davis for providing the legwork for these trainings to occur. Without people to put an idea into action, there is only an idea. Thank you!

Recreate your recreation,
Mark and Tara

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