Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get out and PLAY!

San Antonio, Texas:

This past Sunday we stumbled upon Síclovía, a truly worthwhile event. Síclovía is an offshoot of Ciclovía a program originally developed in Bogatá, Columbia. City streets are closed to car traffic in order to allow the community to play and exercise in a safe, social environment. In Bogatá this practice has become so popular that over 70 miles of streets are open to these outdoor recreation festivals.

We joined families, dog walkers, bikers, runners, and strollers sharing their public space and connecting like never before. As if not awesome enough, local organizations offered free programs along the route including strong men and women challenges, yoga classes, dance lessons, live music, and all types kid friendly activities.

This is a perfect example of how a community can build a sense of ownership among its members, and nurture a blossoming love for the outdoors, especially with the youth of the population. Experiencing the out of doors in our own neighborhood will cultivate a culture of respect and love for the public spaces that need our stewardship. Get outside and PLAY!

Recreate your recreation.
Mark and Tara

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environmental training courses said...

Kind of reminds me of my childhood, I remember always being out of the house to play with my friends or bike some where, or go skinny dipping. But, nowadays, you can't see that much kids outdoors. Well, most of them probably are playing their mobiles games or their play stations.