Thursday, March 15, 2012

Signs of Spring

Kingman Wash, Arizona:

The Southwest weather is well into the swing of Spring. So are the animals. The sixth Leave No Trace Principle, 'Respect Wildlife', encourages us to avoid wildlife during sensitive times: mating, nesting, raising young, or winter. With habitat loss at an all time high, interactions with wildlife are becoming increasingly frequent. Nowhere is this more apparent than in 'frontcountry' areas. Places near people and cities.

While camping only miles from the Hoover Dam which sees nearly 3000 people daily we viewed a flock of eleven bighorn sheep, including three juvenile members. Watching them graze only tens of yards from our tent, we were able to silently snap some photographs of these majestic creatures. Their numbers are slowly recovering from only a few thousand at the turn of the twentieth century, down from the millions that once roamed the Americas. We gave these bighorns the respect that they deserved to gain the calories needed to ensure their survival. We stayed quiet and still until they ventured up the steep walls of the canyon.

To learn more about how to best respect wildlife during these sensitive times navigate here.

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Mark and Tara

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