Thursday, April 26, 2012

Leave No Trace Backyard Sessions - April

April Backyard Sessions

In 2011 the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics introduced a new social activism and environmental stewardship campaign called Backyard Sessions.  Backyard Sessions take many forms, but most of all they bring together and activate local communities to incorporate Leave No Trace into all of the ways we live and play.

The Center has been working closely with various organizations to implement Backyard Sessions into existing service projects across the country.  Pennsylvania State Parks has come forward with a myriad of projects slated for 2012 and the Center is currently collaborating with these parks across Pennsylvania to incorporate Leave No Trace education and outreach in their service projects.  While many will take place throughout the year, below are the opportunities, both in and outside Pennsylvania, scheduled for April.  
  • 4/23/12 - Trash clean-up at Shining Mountain School in Boulder, CO
  • 4/27/12 - Arbor Day tree planting at Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA 
  • 4/26-28/12 - Volunteer Clean Up Weekend at Ole Bull State Park in Cross Fork, PA
  • 4/28/12 - Knotweed Knockdown at Oil Creek State Park in Oil City, PA
  • 4/28/12 Step Out and Volunteer Event at Hills Creek State Park in Wellsboro, PA
  • 4/28/12 Tree Planting day at Knzua Bridge State Park in Johnsonburg, PA
Backyard Sessions hope to inspire volunteerism and motivate people to get more involved with Leave No Trace education and action at the local level.

CALL TO ACTION: The Center wants you to organize a Backyard Session in your Community.  Your role as a Leave No Trace volunteer and educator to help organize Backyard Sessions to teach people about Leave No Trace is critical!

Your valuable assistance is now needed in 2 key ways:

  1. Mobilize your network of Leave No Trace supporters, youth groups, schools or others to organize your own outing at a trailhead. Provide a 20-minute introduction to Leave No Trace and then hit the trail with trash bags and gloves for an easy clean up. Look for “Leave No Trace teachable moments” along the way. Tell us about it!
  2. Identify and attend outdoor and environmental events in your community and offer a 5-30 minute introduction to Leave No Trace concepts.Whether this is with a small crew at a trailhead on a trail-related service project, with volunteers at a river clean up, a youth event or with a group of multi-day backpackers, we’d like you to locate opportunities in your area (preferably in a natural setting) to help spread Leave No Trace skills and ethics. And one last step: Tell us about it!
Call (303.442.8222 ext.107) or email Jason Grubb, Education Programs Coordinator, for more details on how you can get involved!

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