Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mr. Foot Goes to Middle School

Bigfoot with 6th Grade Science Teacher Ms. Pieper!!
We've always heard that Bigfoot likes to hang around in the Pacific Northwest, but this week he came out of hiding to visit all the 6th graders at South Middle School in Grants Pass, Oregon! He cleared some time out of his busy schedule, typically filled with tromping around the woods without leaving footprints, skipping out of blurry photographs, and generally Leaving No Trace in his path, to visit seven different science classes in two days. Bigfoot wants to give a shoutout to the teachers there for getting the students excited about going outside and Leaving No Trace! When reached for comment while he was ambling back into the woods, Mr. Foot simply said "mumble mumble mumble....Leave No Trace."

Seeking the 'Squatch,

Quinn & Frank

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