Thursday, June 19, 2008

Partnership Highlight: Venture Media Group

By Sara Close

Most companies these days run their daily operations with the natural ebb and flow of capitalism and consumerism. However, as topics of resource conservation, social responsibility, and carbon footprints enter in to the daily vocabulary of American citizens, they also find a way in to the cultures of many companies. More and more, Leave No Trace is honored to have a strong presence of these supportive companies within our community, who are dedicated to the future preservation of natural lands for their clients, and the greater community.

Venture Media Group [] is one of those companies. Executive Producer, Thomas Kranzle, shares his company philosophy with Leave No Trace:

“When founding Venture Media Group, I set out to create a business that was a direct extension of my values as they apply to running a production company. Among these are creativity, accountability, honesty, embracing change, and most importantly responsibility.

Initially there were two primary goals for Venture Media Group: to produce the highest quality visual content and to have a company that is responsible in all of its business practices. With our Planet in the state it is currently, environmental conscientious ranked quite high on that list of responsibilities.

Truthfully, I was a bit hesitant to jump on the ‘green’ bandwagon. It seems like that word is thrown around far too carelessly nowadays. I sometimes have a hard time discerning if ‘green’ efforts are really that, or if they are just marketing ploys to raise a company’s corporate image.”

So what is Venture Media doing, especially in a business that has obvious environmental impacts? First, recycling programs are in place for everything from their office supplies, props, cameras and computers. Their video and photo departments are built on a digital platform to eliminate film processing. They are also committed to print only on recycled or alternative papers with soy-based inks.

“This is a decent start,” says Kranzle, “but we feel that any efforts made at home need to be matched by support to organizations that are on the front line fighting to restore our Planet. We therefore joined 1% For The Planet when launching Venture Media Group.”

Through 1% For The Planet, Kranzle established their first non-profit partnership with Leave No Trace. Even better, to encourage similar actions from other industry participants, they initiated an eco-discount program, which offers discounts of up to ten percent to companies that support like environmental efforts or product sustainable products.

“We do this because we love the outdoors and want to see natural environments preserved for future generations. Alone we make up a small portion of the equation but together we can make a big difference.”

Leave No Trace is honored to celebrate its first year of partnership with Venture Media Group, and thanks Thomas Kranzle for his generous contribution as a guest blogger.

By Sara Close

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