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Awards Given for Extraordinary Leave No Trace Service

Each year, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics honors the extraordinary people, organizations and companies that have made important contributions to the Leave No Trace program. At a November 4th awards ceremony at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, Colorado, 23 honorees were singled out. This group was selected from thousands of Leave No Trace volunteers and partners for their inspiration, leadership and innovation. The ceremony included a showing of short films from the 2009 Adventure Film Festival, including the festival’s Leave No Trace Award winning film, Ascending the Giants.

Join us in congratulating the complete list of the award recipients, below.

Rick Crosson — 2003-2009 Recognition and Service Award

Rick Crosson from Subaru of American is a Leave No Trace Board Member and is the current Chairperson. Rick has served on the Leave No Trace Board for six years as Treasurer and as Chair for the past two and a half years, and has provided important insights and solid leadership to the Leave No Trace Board and Staff during his tenure. He served on the International Committee helping shape our early international program, later on the Audit Committee, and finally on Executive Committee, steering the organization soundly in recent years.

David Jayo — 2003-2009 Recognition and Service Award 2003-2009

David Jayo from REI is a Leave No Trace Board Member and is the current Treasurer. David has been a dedicated, important contributor to the Leave No Trace Board for six consecutive years. He has contributed his expertise as chair of the Marketplace Committee, has served on the International Committee, Nominations Committee, most recently on the Executive Committee and as Treasurer. David has also been instrumental to Leave No Trace’s shaping of cultural inclusiveness and youth-based programs through his guidance with PEAK — Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids — and the Connect Grants program.

Garry Oye & Wade Vagias, The National Park Service — 2009 Recognition and Service Award

Garry Oye and Wade Vagias of the National Park Service are recognized for their diligent work in securing both the funding and rights to reproduce the National Park Service Leave No Trace video, a very useful and highly sought after teaching resource. These dedicated National Park Service representatives and Leave No Trace advocates are helping the Center meet the current and growing demand for Leave No Trace video information.

Jamie Schwartz, The USDA Forest Service— 2009 Recognition and Service Award

Jamie Schwartz from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service is recognized for his long-term support of Leave No Trace and service in helping spread the program within his agency. Most recently, Jamie helped secure a cost-share grant to create and develop an online learning program available through the Leave No Trace website. The grant also provides funding for the development of an eastern area skills and ethics booklet focusing on horse-use. Jamie has been a steady and solid supporter of Leave No Trace for many years and his service to the mission and organization is commendable.

Emily Ressler and JD Tanner — 2009 Recognition and Service Award

Emily Ressler and JD Tanner have served as the Subaru / Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers for three years. Originally from Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri, the team has trained thousands of people in Leave No Trace and has shared the program with hundreds of thousands more across the nation. As the senior traveling team, Emily and JD have been influential in educational program development as well as the refinement of Leave No Trace outreach programs.

Subaru of America — 2009 Partnership Award
Since the inception of the Subaru / Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer program over a decade ago, Subaru of America has been an extraordinary Patron Corporate Partner in the Leave No Trace community. Their outstanding support of education in motion has allowed tremendous success for all traveling educator teams, including the recent celebratory 10th Anniversary year of the Traveling Trainer program. Additionally, Subaru of America has been instrumental in the development of other programs within the Center, including the Individual Membership program through the generous addition of the Subaru VIP Partners Program to membership benefits.

Smartwool — 2009 Partnership Award
Now in their ninth year of partnership, Smartwool continues to go above and beyond the standard commitment of Corporate Partnership to the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Their initiative to conduct additional fundraisers, provide generous in-kind support for membership incentives, and most importantly, their outfitting support of the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Program, has been instrumental in raising awareness, membership funding and success of the Center as a whole.

Zero One Vintners — 2009 New Partner Award
In their first year of partnership, Zero One Vintners has excelled in creative implementation of the Leave No Trace relationship through the sale of their wine. Specifically, the Wild Sky Cabernet is named after Washington state’s newest wilderness area – with a portion of proceeds from each bottle being donated to Leave No Trace and the conservation of these natural lands.

Lifeline — 2009 New Partner Award
Lifeline’s commitment to the Leave No Trace program during their inaugural year as a Corporate Partner has extended in to a unique and meaningful relationship as Outfitter of the e-tour program. Lifeline is the first Corporate Partner to outfit the etour team in the history of the program, and their additional in-kind support and enthusiasm for reaching frontcountry communities through education was an asset to the program’s success this summer.

Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment — 2009 Community Programs Award

Alaska’s Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment (WISE) is a grassroots organization dedicated to teaching science and environmental education. WISE works in partnership with Copper River Native Association to provide environmental science programs that integrate cultural values and skills. WISE was a 2009 Connect Grant recipient for their work in organizing a Youth Environmental Summit with the Native Village of Gakona. During the summit, youth learned about sustainable living practices and the principles of Leave No Trace. WISE represents an excellent community-based program through its partnerships with local land management agencies, cultural organizations and conservation programs.

Autry National Center — 2009 Partnership Award

Located in Los Angeles, CA, the Autry National Center hosted the Leave No

Trace e-tour this summer at their exhibit "Granite Frontiers: a Century of

Yosemite Climbing." Highlighting the importance of responsible rock

climbing, the e-tour held a successful Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop for visitors to the museum, including youth and their families, regional leaders from the Boy Scouts of America and local climbing enthusiasts.

City of Phoenix — 2009 Partnership Award

This year, the City of Phoenix embarked on a unique and ambitious partnership with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, including a two-day intensive Leave No Trace course for park rangers by Kate Bullock and Tracy Howard, one of the Subaru / Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer teams as well as a broad Leave No Trace outreach campaign for the greater Phoenix outdoor recreating public. Bullock and Howard spent six days working with City of Phoenix rangers and employees on Leave No Trace programming to emphasize Leave No Trace’s principles for planning and safety, trail use and fire prevention awareness.

Coconino National Forest and Puente de Hozho School — 2009 Community Programs Award

Coconino National Forest and Puente de Hozho, a trilingual immersion school in Arizona, were 2009 Connect Grant recipients. Their collaboration in organizing a Leave No Trace Day at the school is an excellent example of a community partnership. Leave No Trace principles were taught by Forest Service Employees, who used activities from the Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids (PEAK) program. Children received instruction in the three languages: English, Spanish and Dine (Navajo). The school and the Forest Service intend to collaborate further as students will be designing multilingual Leave No Trace signs for the national forest.

Liz Williams — 2009 Volunteer of the Year

Liz Williams, an active Master Educator in northern California, has been a tremendous Leave No Trace champion for almost a decade. Working tirelessly as the California State Advocate, Liz has trained thousands of people in Leave No Trace, educated youth of all ages and worked with recreational communities all over California. As a professional staffer for the Girl Scouts, Liz has consistently promoted Leave No Trace through her organization and has made it standard operating procedure for Girl Scouts in both California and across the U.S. Liz has assisted with numerous Master Educator Courses in California as well as lead dozens of Leave No Trace Trainer Course over the years. Her collective efforts to promote Leave No Trace have been a primary reason for the success of the program in California.

Kerry Fisher — 2009 Activist of the Year

Kerry Fisher, a former veterinarian turned Leave No Trace activist, left her Washington home this spring on her bike with her Labrador Retriever, Mr. Mitchell, in tow with two objectives: to see the country and to share Leave No Trace with others along the way. Kerry and Mr. Mitchell traversed America’s Northern Tier and taught Leave No Trace whenever they could – at libraries, campgrounds, schools and State Parks. Mr. Mitchell has been an integral part of their grassroots outreach, even learning how to practice the Seven Principles, like Dispose of Waste Properly, by picking up trash whenever they stop.

Eric Hiser — 2009 Advocacy Award

Eric Hiser, an Arizona-based attorney specializing in environmental law, serves as the volunteer Chair of the Boy Scouts of America Leave No Trace Task Force. This national-level task force is the group that oversees the BSA’s Leave No Trace Master Educator and Trainer Course efforts. The Task Force is made up of individuals from all across the U.S. and ensures quality control, consistency and compliance with all Leave No Trace training guidelines for BSA Leave No Trace Courses. Under Eric’s leadership for the past 4 years, the Task Force has effectively managed BSA’s Leave No Trace training efforts. As both a BSA volunteer and a Leave No Trace volunteer, Eric greatly enhanced Leave No Trace outreach within the BSA.

Michelle Broyer — 2009 Advocacy Award

Michelle Broyer, who manages the Swan Falls Campground and Education Facility has been a hard working leader for the Saco River Clean Up Project in Freyburg, Maine. She has organized two clean-ups this year with youth and other volunteers in the community, and she hosted an event for the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers in July. Michelle developed Leave No Trace signs and talked to visitors about how to minimized their impacts on the river.

Rita Hussman — 2009 Recognition Award

Rita Hussman is a Minnesota Master Naturalist and advisor to the Service Adventure Leadership Team (SALT) with Edina Public Schools. Rita has done substantial work providing Leave No Trace education and outreach in Cuyuna County, Minnesota. She helped organize community events with the Leave No Trace etour this past summer. Youth from the SALT program created a Leave No Trace Traveling Trunk, which they presented at the National Service Learning Conference. Rita has also worked to organize a froncountry Master Educator Course in Minnesota through NOLS, and is working to embed Leave No Trace into a for-credit course at Hamline University. Rita is an enthusiastic advocate of Leave No Trace and an excellent volunteer.

Dave Derlacki- — 2009 Recognition Award

A Leave No Trace Master Educator in Corvallis Oregon, most of Dave Derlacki’s Leave No Trace activity is centered around the Boy Scouts of America. Dave runs Trainer courses and workshops for the Oregon Trail Council. He teaches Leave No Trace to youth in "scout skills" sessions and offers to come to any troop's campsite and discuss Leave No Trace with the troop. Typically these sessions involve an overview of the principles and a discussion centered on "what can you do here this week at camp to minimize your impact? Dave has been a Master Educator since 1999 and has been an individual member since 2001.

Norm Petersen — 2009 Recognition Award

Norm Petersen has been a Leave No Trace Master Educator and Individual Member since 2007. In 2009, Norm put together a Leave No Trace maze for the Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree, a large Boy Scouts of America event with over 10,500 attendees. Over 1800 kids successfully completed the maze. In addition, Norm helped the Center organize an e-tour workshop for cub scouts at the Cabela’s in Milwaukee. Norm annual runs a Leave No Trace Trainer Course in May and is working on becoming a Master Educator instructor for the Boy Scouts of America.

Griff Danheim — 2009 Outstanding State Advocate Award
Griff Danheim has been the Texas State Advocate since February of 2006, an individual member since 2004 and became a Master Educator this year. He teaches Leave No Trace as a volunteer/member of the Lone Star Hiking Club, the Sam Houston Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America and the American Hiking Society. With over 25 years of outdoor experience, Griff brings a wealth of knowledge to the program, and has done a great job of using a wide variety of opportunities to get Leave No Trace information out in Texas. Whether it is speaking to a group of Texas State Parks and Wildlife employees or with a local outfitter, Griff has reached far and wide to meet the demand from the diverse group of outdoor users in Texas during his time as a State Advocate.

Jennifer Hazelrigs — 2009 Outstanding State Advocate Award

Jennifer Hazelrigs is the Director of Outdoor Education and Recreation at the University of Arkansas, and Leave No Trace’s Arkansas State Advocate. Jennifer became the State Advocate, as well as an individual member and Master Educator, in 2008. She has implemented Leave No Trace into the outdoor program by conducting Trainer Courses for all of the trip leaders, who then teach participants on their courses at the University. She has also organized public Leave No Trace workshops in Fayetteville, as well as worked with our Traveling Trainer teams. Jennifer looks forward to continuing to educate people about Leave No Trace when in Arkansas.

Janet Herrick
— 2009 Outstanding State Advocate Award

Janet Herrick has been passionately teaching Leave No Trace ethics as the Florida State Advocate since July 2008. She, however, has been involved with Leave No Trace since 2005, as both a Master Educator and an individual member. She leads Leave No Trace workshops for the Florida Trail Association, the Florida State Park system, as well as for local Boy and Girl Scout troops. Janet has traveled around the state educating people of all ages about the Leave No Trace principles. As the State Advocate she has been working hard to connect with all the Master Educators of Florida in order to form a strong Leave No Trace community.

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