Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Backyard: Bigfoot's last appearance in 2009...

A fortuitous encounter with “Mr. Bigfoot” motivatied us to practice Leave No Trace sasquatch-style in 2009.

How? The furry guy has asked us to challenge this community to live up to his standards as an environmental activist. By showing your support for Leave No Trace you have the chance to show Bigfoot you’re up to the test. He’s been doing it for years, and so can you!

Per Bigfoot’s request, we are offering a creative way for you to support Leave No Trace before the close of 2009. By donating $15 you will receive some gifts to help warm up the holidays: a limited-edition Bigfoot pint glass (for your favorite holiday beverage) and a warm, cozy hat!

By donating to the cause, you are joining a nationwide conservation movement to help minimize recreation impacts on the outdoors. Show your support and let Bigfoot know you are up to the challenge!

(Hats generously donated through the Gear to Grow program.)

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