Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Education Department: Master Educator Insurance

Dear Education Department, Do I need insurance to offer Leave No Trace Trainer Courses? Signed, Underinsured


Dear Underinsured,

Yes. Insurance is required for any Master Educator who is offering 2-day Leave No Trace Trainer courses as outlined in the Leave No Trace National Training Guidelines.

From the Leave No Trace National Training Guidelines:

Insurance: Independent Contractor (Master Educator) agrees to secure an occurrence based comprehensive general liability policy in amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate, for bodily injuries and property damage. Independent Contractor agrees that this liability insurance policy will include 1) an endorsement naming the Center as an additional insured, and 2) a waiver of subrogation in favor of the Center (the insurance company waives any right to seek reimbursement from the Center). The Center’s position as an additional insured will include full coverage for the Center, whether or not the events activating a claim emanate from the Center’s, Independent Contractor’s or a third party(s)’ alleged acts, omissions or negligence. This insurance shall remain in effect for the duration of Independent Contractor’s provision of services, and continue to remain in effect regarding any occurrences related to the provision of services. Independent Contractor agrees to present the Center with proof of this insurance coverage, together with the endorsement naming the Center as an additional insured and the waiver of subrogation, 10 days prior to the provision of services. Independent Contractor shall give the Center 30 days’ written notice of any cancellation of this insurance.

Insurance coverage may be obtained either through your own carrier or through the Leave No Trace No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (the Center). The coverage through the Center costs $65 for a one-year period (from April of any given year to the following April) and places the individual under the Center’s policy as an additionally insured. This insurance ONLY covers Leave No Trace Trainer Courses. No other recreation, training, education, etc. activities are covered by this insurance. An unlimited number of Trainer courses may be offered during the coverage year. The liability insurance requirement does not apply to federal agency employees (NPS, BLM, FWS, USFS, Army Corps) offering courses within their agency job capacity. Contact the Center to obtain the necessary coverage: 1.800.332.4100.

You question is particularly apropos as we are just a few days away from transitioning into the new 2010-2011 policy period (mid-April) and now is a great time to sign up for your annual insurance.


The Education Department

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Brett Cohrs said...

Incredibly reasonable insurance coverage cost ($65). If an Educator already has a policy for their organization, the additional insured endorsement and the addition of the program to current coverage shouldn't cost a lick!