Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get Muddy!!!

This month (and every month in 2010) we are challenging you all to take the Bigfoot Challenge. The Center for Outdoor Ethics is excited to bring these ethics challenges to you each month in hopes that the awareness around the seven principles of Leave No Trace will continue to develop world wide.

In the photo above, a hiker is accepting the challenge to walk directly through a mud puddle rather than around to prevent the development of "social trails" that impact the surrounding vegetation. Following this principle of Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces allows for the trails we all enjoy recreating on to maintain their intended course and recreational experience.

If you have not already please click on the Bigfoot Challenge and learn more about how you can walk the trail of Leave No Trace today!

All the best,

Jason and Agata

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impotenta said...

That is real mudd:)