Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Community Cool Idea

Ever wonder what's happening outside your car window as you zip around your community? Who grows those flowers that smell so good? What's the name of the artist who produces those vibrant sculptures out of what would be landfill material? If you live in Madison, WI you might just be able to answer some of these questions for yourself by moving a little slower. The e-tour travels with bicycles and always relishes the chance to run errands via human power. We saw this Madison B-cycle sharing program and thought some of you might dig it. For a small yearly fee you can share a bike, without the hassle of lugging it up to your third floor flat. Check out their website here. Maybe write your city planner, mayor, or whoever to get the ball rolling in your area. Otherwise, use pedal power when you can. Save carbon, build muscle:)

Mark and Tara

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