Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gorge Hoppin' in the Southeast!

Gauley River
Southeast USA.  In our opinion, rivers are one of natures most spectacular gifts.  The peaceful sound of the constant flow of water is soothing and can undoubtedly bring about a zen feeling when relaxing along a rivers' bank.  Many songs have been written about rivers.  One of our favorites is actually called River by Yonder Mountain String Band. The song was inspired by the Yuba River near Nevada City, CA.  Gorges are another magnificent gift from the natural world which are most often created by rivers over long periods of time.  A favorite gorge that comes to mind is the Columbia River Gorge that creates a border between Oregon and Washington State.  This part of the country is a gigantic playground for outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy waterfall peeping.  In the upcoming weeks, Team East has the privilege of visiting and providing Leave No Trace outreach at both the Red River Gorge in Kentucky and the New River Gorge in West Virginia.  Do you have a favorite river or gorge to play in?  

Explore Responsibly...Kate and Tracy

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