Sunday, September 11, 2011

Small Craft Advisory! :

The e-tour has been camping around the watery, green Northwoods of Wisconsin and Michigan this past week where the lack of internet has undoubtedly saddened our faithful blog-o-philes:). The bounty of crisp, clean water around has afforded us some great swimming, frog watching, and the occasional evening serenade by a solitary Loon.

The e-tour Subaru, which we refer affectionately to as 'Big Blue', is packed to the gills with educational materials, camping gear, bike stuff and the rest of our household needs. What we're getting at is that we have been craving some sort of watercraft, and found a solution that takes up no extra space. Now, if you have no backup, or no patch kit, we don't recommend using your inflatable sleeping pad as a boat. However, we had a pretty fun time of it here on Perch Lake in the Chequamegon National Forest. Things you should Know Before You Go... have a backup sleeping arrangement or patch kit, wear a leash on your sunglasses, and have a waterproof camera.

Enjoy the advent of Fall!
Mark and Tara

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Looks like fun!